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About Me

Marius Marinescu, who I am and what I am about.

I’m an experienced web designer and developer working from Bucharest, Romania. I do various client projects as a freelancer, and from 2007 to January 2011 I worked for a great small web agency called Interactivision.

I’ve been in the web design field for a long time (since 2002, as the header correctly states) and during that time I never missed an opportunity to expand my skill set. I’ve become proficient in programming and scripting languages (specifically PHP, ActionScript and JavaScript) and web design theory (information architecture, user experience, visual and graphic design, typography) in order to be able to provide full service solutions.

I work on very diverse types of projects, from basic ones (front end development jobs, website design based on the client’s existing identity system, small print jobs) to medium (open source CMS development, branding and website jobs) or complex (e-commerce solutions, custom publishing platforms, server applications, end to end flash platform solutions).

More importantly, I always stick around to see the results after the launch. Nothing compares to what you can learn from watching a website or application being used live by users and analyzing their behavior. In my opinion, it’s the best way to improve yourself as a professional. And the only way to correctly assess results.

As a small side note, I hate flash intro pages, inaccessible websites, websites designed only for the computer screen, JavaScript dependent interaction and exclusive browser development.

The Process

What I’ve discovered and has also been documented on numerous other high profile designers and agencies, the best path for a project is always similar. I’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps, but keep in mind that for a project more complex than a branding system or a simple website, most of the steps should be broken down into several more steps of their own.

The most important thing to remember is that communication is key. For every step along the way to be successful and to avoid delaying the initial time estimate and costs, feedback must be provided with as little delay as possible and in the most productive manner.


Marius is one of the most innovative guys that I’ve worked with. I mean.. his personal quest is to find the most elegant way of completing a task and that’s just some of the small things that makes or breaks a project. I’ve always counted on his genuine instinct of finding these small tricks no matter how much energy and time involved.

Claudiu Popa, founder and CEO Interactivision

A little re-branding, a little programming to which we added a bit of design. That was the recipe which increased our visibility and, more importantly, our sales! Marius made it all possible, and the results are based on his professional attitude and the ingredients absolutely necessary to a recipe for success: ingeniousness, seriousness and common sense.

Cătălin Nicolescu, General Manager InterConnect

I knew what I wanted to say but I didn’t know under what form or how to express it in appropriate terms. So I called Marius. I told him what it’s spirit should be and what it should transmit. Marius “got it” immediately, sensed what I wanted, asked for the exact information he needed.

He was creative, expeditious, profi and to the point. And what came out was a great site, fact confirmed by many of my colleagues and my target audience, which signed up for the courses after seeing the website.

Daniela Minoiu, founder Cursuri de Actorie