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Capabilities and means of helping others.

Web Design

This is a pretty vast category and comprises more types of services in it, like information architecture, wireframing, content strategy, graphic design, front end development, publishing management and analytics integration. This is the strategic side of a project and should be done taking into consideration each and every aspect of the final product. It defines the future online presence of the client from the publishing management, to the server development, to the front end development and, finally, to the presentation side, all with the business goals and the final user in mind.

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Development & Programming

Although most of the time included in the more generic category of web design, this category of service should have its own section, since a completely different set of skills is necessary to achieve the desired results. By results I mean, depending on the project's requirements, the actual development of a publishing platform (be it a custom tailored one, an “out of the box” open-source alternative or a mixture of the two), or development on the Flash Platform (from an XML driven presentation to a more complex solution, involving also a database driven server side or a RTMP application) or just a “plain vanilla” front end development project (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SWF templating system).

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Last, but not least, I also provide branding services. For the best results these must be comprised of a clear definition of the desired target audience, extensive research, and competition analysis before the pencil first touches the paper. I am experienced in small to medium identity projects, which include the actual logo and basic print materials (like business cards, letterheads and print advertising). Also, for the online side of promotion, newsletter template design and online advertising.

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